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Recaudación de fondos para las escuelas

How does it work?

Image showing excel for Bulk Fundraising Scheme

1. Register your interest with us

Request your Bulk Order Package from us. Drop us an E-mail, use the LiveChat service or give us a call.

Package includes:

  • Bulk Order Form.xlsx
  • Parents Order Form (electronic).xlsx
  • Parents Order Form (printable).pdf
  • OPTIONAL: Promotional flyers/posters

2. Hand out order forms

Email the parents with an electronic order form (Parents Order Form (electronic).xlsx), or print a copy of the "Parents Order Form (printable).pdf" for each parent or child to take home.

3. Collect orders

Collect the order forms and money from the parents.

4. Fill in "Bulk Order Form.xlsx" Excel file

Detailed instructions are provided on the file, all the prices and commission are calculated automatically as you populate the form with orders.

5. Claim your 20% Commission!

Return the form to us and pay us 80% of the money collected (calculated for you). Payment instructions are on the "Bulk Order Form.xlsx".

6. Await your order

Production time is approx. 1-2 weeks.

Tips for Getting More Orders (= more £££'s Commission)

1. Hand out a printed order form to each pupil to take home.

2. Send an email out to all parents reminding them to buy labels.

Benefits can be mentioned, such as:

  • You do not lose items as often.
  • The labels are washing machine and dishwasher proof.
  • They get high quality labels from an acclaimed company (refer them to our Awards Page)
  • Any labels bought help raise funds to improve the school.

3. Hang up promotional posters which can be provided by us.

4. Hand out promotional flyers (also available from us).